Monday, July 29, 2013

Adele in a Shell - July 2013

My Band - Adele, Jesse, John, Steph, Heaseung and Tanya
  Hello friends and family =o) Welcome to my first Music Discipleship Training School update! 
I’m so excited to share with you how God has been moving in the last 2 weeks!

Week One
The first week was really amazing, hearing all about the Youth with a Mission base here in Perth and meeting lots of students and staff. There are about 140 students of all the different schools they are running this quarter, 22 students in the Music DTS with me and we have 6 great staff leading our school.
Week One's lectures were about “Hearing the voice of God.” It was really incredible to listen to Colleen Noblet (she came from YWAM in Goulburn as part of the original team to set up YWAM Perth) as she shared from the Bible, YWAM's experiences, and her life experiences, on hearing the voice of God, obeying, and having quiet times.

Week Two
YWAM Base Perth
This week we studied “Nature and Character of God.” On Thursday 18/07 we looked at Implications of not knowing God, number 1 being that we develop wrong views of God. I acknowledged/ realised I had been blaming God for some events in my life. It was so freeing to acknowledge that, repent and pray out “I choose to believe God’s heart for me, that He is love and His heart was broken over those things that hurt me.” I know there is more God needs to do in me but I’m so excited to be on this journey toward wholeness and freedom.

Life as a student
It has been really full-on adjusting to life in community and being a student again, but I know God is with me, holding me and guiding me, it has been so special.
I am living in a lovely house with 7 other girls; our house has a movie nights together, and we play worship music while we work on our class journals together. I know I am very blessed to be here.
The weather has been lovely and sunny most days but very cold at night, lots of people have started getting sick, I'm faithfully taking vitamin C, 2 or 3 times a day and praying for all of us.
Housemates! Bek, Adele, Jeike and Alex

Please stand with me in prayer

  • Weeks 3 and 4 we learn about Repentance and Forgiveness, and Worship and Intersession. Please be praying for the Music DTS class that these weeks will be significant in refreshing and renewing our relationship with God.
  • Several of my classmates have gotten sick with colds and fevers, please pray for their healing so they can continue to join class, and please pray that the sickness doesn’t spread.
  • I’m continuing to trust God for the provision of the school fees, which are: Lecture phase $3,580 + Outreach phase up to $5,000. After donations I now have $1,350 left to pay of Lecture fees, due by August 2nd, and all of the Outreach fees.
  • Please pray for ideas for fundraising – if you have any ideas please let me know =o)
  • Praise God for a great place to stay during lecture phase, and for my beautiful housemates!
  • Praise God for the amazing things I’ve learnt so far! I’m so excited about all God is doing in changing my heart.

 Thank you for taking time to read this, I really appreciate your prayers and support! There are lots of times when I clearly see God at work, in worship, prayer, class time, and even keeping me safe as I walk to and from home.
Please let me know if there are any ways I can be specifically praying for you, I have a real heart desire to pray for my friends.
Love and blessings, Adele

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